2017/04/14 midterm exam: 2017/04/20 1:10PM, at S201 & S202.
2017/04/13 2016sping midterm exam and solution have been uploaded.
2017/04/10 Group Project 3 is online. The due date is 04/17.
2017/04/05 Please download handout small-signal-model-diode.pdf. We are going to use it in class.
++++++++We are going to have make-up classes on 4/10, 4/24, and 5/8 from 1:10 PM.
++++++++NO CLASS on 5/1 and 5/4.
2017/03/29 Excercise 4 and its solution are online. Please practice yourself.
2017/03/28 No class on 3/30 and 4/3. Group Project 2 is still due on 03/30. Please email your project on time.
++++++++Please provide enough discussion and analysis in your report.
2017/03/27 Excercise 3 and its solution are online. Please practice yourself.
2017/03/23 Group Project 2 is online. The due date is 03/30.
2017/03/14 Excercise 2 is online. Please practice yourself.
2017/03/06 Group Project 1 is online. The due date is 03/13.
2017/03/02 No class on 03/04(Sat). The make-up class will be on 03/13 1:10 PM.
2017/03/02 Excercise 1 is online. Please practice yourself. The solution will be online soon.
++++++++LTspice worksheet III is due on 3/3. Please give a right title (主旨) (GroupXX-YYYYMMDD) for your email.
2017/02/15 Please download the handouts for chap01, chap02, and chap03 (including appendPhasorRC.pdf) before class.
++++++++classroom: change to S210 (computer classroom)
2017/02/04 Welcome to Applied Electronics course! Before the class starts, please down load LTspice and
+++++++++ practice. We are going to use LTspice in class, homeworks, and projects.

Text Book: Microelectronics, 2nd ed., Behzad Razavi, Wiley


References: Semiconductor Devices, Physics and Technology, by S. M. Sze, 1985, John Wiley &Sons

"Microelectronic Circuits,6ed." by Sedra/Smith, Oxford University Press.
The Art of Electronics, 2nd ed., by P. Horowitz & W. Hill


For the spring term of 2017

Grading policy

midterm and final exams (open book): 50%

homeworks and projects 40%

in-class performance : 10%


Circuit simulation program:

Free and full-function LTSPICE IV:

There are plenty of tutorial materials and references for LTspice on the internet. You can google and find them. (with some materials in Chinese)