2018/05/18 Midterm score announcement. If you have problem with your grade, please contact me.
2018/05/16 5/17 no class. Midterm sol. has been posted in the old exam website.
2018/04/26 Exercise 5 online.
2018/04/18 Exercise 4 online.
2018/04/18 Midterm exam and sol of last year have been uploaded for your reference.
++++++++Midterm: 4/30(Mon) 10:10AM-12:00PM, S210 and S207, open-book. Please bring scientific calculator. No smart phone is allowed.
2018/04/12 Exercise 3 online.
2018/03/27 Exercise 2 online.
2018/03/13 Group Project 1 online. Due date 3/19 23:30.
2018/03/08 Excercise 1 online. Please pratice. You don't need to hand in the excercise. The sol. is also online.
2018/02/23 Welcome to Applied Electronics II course! Before the class starts, please down load LTspice and
+++++++++ practice. We are going to use LTspice in class, homeworks, and projects.
+++++++++Please down load and print out the handouts before class

Text Book: Microelectronics, 2nd ed., Behzad Razavi, Wiley


References: Semiconductor Devices, Physics and Technology, by S. M. Sze, 1985, John Wiley &Sons

"Microelectronic Circuits,6ed." by Sedra/Smith, Oxford University Press.
The Art of Electronics, 2nd ed., by P. Horowitz & W. Hill


For the spring term of 2018

Grading policy

midterm and final exams (open book): 50%

homeworks, group projects, and final project 40%

in-class project : 10%


Circuit simulation program:

Free and full-function LTSPICE XVII:

There are plenty of tutorial materials and references for LTspice on the internet. You can google and find them. (with some materials in Chinese)