Nanometer Pattern Generation System

Biotechnology as a route to nanotechnology
Engines of Creation ---The Coming Era of Nanotechnology   
by K. Eric Drexler
Engines of Creation was originally published in hardcover by Anchor Books in 1986, and in paperback in 1987. WWW version reprinted and adapted by Russell Whitaker, with permission of the copyright holder.
Unbounding the Future: the Nanotechnology Revolution
Cornell Nanofabrication Facility
Centre for Nanoscale Science & Technology-- University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Center for NanoTechnology---University of Washington
The Nanostructures Laboratory (NSL) at MIT
Nanotechnology at Zyvex: Molecular Nanotechnology R&D
Zyvex is a molecular Nanotechnology development company. The focus of this organization is to develop and use atomically precise manufacturing to radically change the manufacturing capabilities of the world.
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